The association is non-partisan and non-political purposes and profit. It's sole purpose is the pursuit of cultural, educational activities, editorials with particular regard to culture, protection and promotion of the same, but also enhancement of Pereto heritage and the Piana del Cavaliere in particular and Abruzzo in general.
Other goals of the association is the organization of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, competitions, training activities, publishing activities especially with regard to culture, protection and promotion of the same, enhancement of the heritage of Pereto, the Piana del Cavaliere and Abruzzo, recreational entertainment activities, tourism, sports and leisure, but above all, the Association aims ladivulgazione and propaganda of Maestro Pietro Iadeluca world.
Furthermore it is proposed to:
  1. presentation of books;
  2. accomplish theatrical and operatic performances, unpublished and not to promote recreational activities in cultural background, such as seminars, trips, holidays, as well as meetings and debates on issues regarding the Association's goals;
  3. organizing sports competitions, competitive and non-music concerts, meetings from purely recreational nature;
  4. promote tourism through: Guided walks of pure contact with nature; to person trips (such as gathering mushrooms or bird watching), discovery of beds in order to facilitate the accommodation of tourists; management of municipal facilities and / or private resources to tourism.
  5. promote the arts - especially literature, music and painting - through impromptu exhibitions and competitions.